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I need a program that will do a single mouseclick at a certain place on the Firefox browser. Nothing else. It needs to be executable under Windows-XP (an .exe, .vbs, etc.) The mouse click will always be executed at exactly the same place - if the mouse is elsewhere, the program must move the mouse to that point. (If that's required - I don't care if the mouse actually stays where it was before.) The Firefox window will already be the active window (if that matters.) I won't be needing any other automated functionality, just what I've said. (The mouseclick is not for a link on a webpage, or an element on a page, it is on the browser.)

How can I do this?

For Windows XP SP3.

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You can write a short autohotkey script to do the click, then create a shortcut or whatever to start autohotkey and run the script.

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