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I am running MacOS Mountain Lion. I have borrowed a Huawei Mobile Broadband USB modem (model E182E) from a friend to check out how well wireless internet would work. I was not able to get it to work, which is not the problem I am asking about.

THe problem is now my WiFi connection is slow. I have unplugged the modem, and removed the Mobile Partner application. I am connecting to the internet via WiFi I've been using before. It is annoyingly slow. I am loading the same pages on an iPhone 4 quicker than on my MacBook Air.

How can I remove all traces of Huawei's software from my computer? I mean all drivers and extensions and anything else it may have gotten its dirty little paws on. I would like my Mac to work at its normal speed again.

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The drivers / software for my USB modem have an uninstaller in ~/Library/Application Support/com.birdstep.saunalahti/tools/uninstall_drivers.

If you don't find any uninstaller, it's safe to just remove the kext bundles. They will stay loaded until you restart.

sudo rm -r /System/Library/Extensions/HuaweiDataCardDriver.kext/ /System/Library/Extensions/USBExpressCardCantWake_Huawei.kext/

There might also be a launchd plist in {~,}/Library/Launch{Agents,Daemons}/ that starts a background program. Like I have ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.birdstep.saunalahti.autolaunch.plist, which starts ~/Library/Application Support/com.birdstep.saunalahti/tools/autolaunch. The plist can also just be deleted normally.

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