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On a Samsung Windows 8 machine after some time I was not able to boot. Checking the BIOS shows that HDD is frozen. Them machine takes lots of time to boot. Saying this I would like some suggestions if its still possible to get it working without formatting?

Later on I placed the HDD to my old Windows 7 machine. It did not appear as online initially as in picture 1,and Windows 7 does not seem to recognize this HDD but still shows the right size.

later I initialized the drive to online seems it will let me format figure 2, but wanted to get suggestions before formatting.

I am not sure, what might have gone wrong?

I am looking for a way to make it work. I will be running Windows 8 on this machine. I may go from Windows 7 installation to upgrade or directly Windows 8. I think upgrading from Windows 7 to 8 would be is cheaper.

please suggest, how would you deal in this kind of scenario?

image 1 and 2 together

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The cost to upgrade to Windows 7 to Windows 8 is more in the general sense since that original Windows 7 license cannot be used on another computer. As for the problem with the hdd looks like you have hardware failure, at this point, the data is likely gone. – Ramhound Feb 22 '13 at 19:39

I would run a test on the drive before installing anything on it. If there truly is an issue with a bad sector or if the freezing problem might recur due to something physically wrong with it, I would replace it.

I use Seatools which can be run from Windows or from a bootable disk. You could also use Hiren's boot if you're looking for a better selection of weapons.

If you don't find any errors, I'd safe it would be safe to install Windows on the drive but image it on a regular basis (Acronis TrueImage). If the issue occurs again I would just assume it's faulty and replace it.

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