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Is there a way to change the configuration for smbd in mountain lion to follow symbolic links?

I was looking to apply this fix for linux:

To fix the samba problem with accessing symbolic links, you will need to modify the samba config file, smb.conf which is normally at /etc/samba/smb.conf and add the following lines to the [global] section in that file.

follow symlinks = yes

wide links = yes

unix extensions = no

But I can't seem to find the configuration file for smbd.

Looking at the man pages for smbd in OS X lion


          In normal operation, smbd will respond to client symlink requests but will never follow sym-links symlinks
          links itself. This flag causes smbd to restrict client access to symlink operations and to
          always follow symlinks. In this case, clients will not be aware that symlinks are in use
          because they will always be directed to the symlink target.

I tried adding 'no-symlinks' as a program argument in smbd's launchdaemon plist, but no success.

**Update: solved Adding the -no-symlinks parameter to the plist did fix the issue, the file sharing services just needed a restart after that.


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Adding no-symlinks as a program argument in smbd's launchdaemon plist did the trick.

The file sharing services do need a restart after changing the file.


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It's Bad to change a file in /System. It might be overwritten at system update – CharlesB Dec 12 '13 at 9:51

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