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I have my own wifi network at home & recently when I checked the active clients on the wifi I found out the there is one active client. Router shows the MAC address of this client and I want to Access this computer in order to let him know that he's doing a wrong thing. I dont intent to do any harm to his data. I just want to know a method to send him a message saying "Buy you own wifi".

How can I achieve this using a windows 8 computer. Is there any specific softwares that I can use or will the netsend command do the trick!

Thank you.

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Just change your WiFi key. –  David Schwartz Feb 23 '13 at 5:38
Sorry, but I think you want to hack into someone's PC for "not-so-good" reasons. If you saw that router shows MAC, then you probably know how to change your router's key ;) If you (probably) don't know what is MAC, then that tools will be dangerous in your hands =) –  Jet Sep 11 '13 at 20:19
Clearly this is the simplest solution ex-parrot.com/pete/upside-down-ternet.html –  RJFalconer Jul 2 at 10:42

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Doing this is non trivial (read "hard" if you don't know your way around networks).

The easiest way is to probably resolve the MAC address into an IP address (Using DHCP to statically assign dynamic IP's is one way of doing this longer term, if its a one off, looking at your routers ARP table or equivalent web page could do you).

You then need to intercept the request and push your own data back. The typical way this would be done would be to use some kind of tproxy and iptables rules along with a custom website.

This is the kind of thing which really needs to be done in the router.

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In your case to "convert" MAC address into IP I'd use a tool like Advanced IP Scanner. And see which IP has that MAC. Also it will show shared folders of that computer (if they exist). And if there are accessible shared folders,... turn on your creativity ;) –  Jet Sep 11 '13 at 20:03

"I dont intent to do any harm to his data. I just want to know a method to send him a message saying "Buy you own wifi".

Do you think that you could be overestimating the capabilities of your computer system?

Talking about basics, you can only send the message to a machine with a successful receipt acknowledgment only if that computer is expecting to hear something from your machine?

Moreover, why don't you just close your wifi using a WPA2 password protection instead of changing the world?

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hmmmm nice point on WPA2 password and going with the world! but I would like to try new things! so for that I can't go with the world and I should try to change the world! :) sorry no offense. –  Dimal Chandrasiri Feb 23 '13 at 6:47
Cool. I would still consider this be to no-go. –  p0lAris Feb 23 '13 at 7:38

If you want to send him the message only then there's a way.. But its very childish type... Whenever he is active on your network then just change the name of your hotspot name.. like "BUY YOU OWN WI-FI" and then lock the mac addresss....

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If you can access your router and check who's connecting and taking advantage of your internet connection, go to the settings tab of your router and find MAC address filtering or IP address filtering and put that person's data there and block it.

It should be simpler, or you could just change your password mixing small case and big case letters with symbols and numbers, so if somebody would try to hack it, they would lose the will to do so if they see a million years decoding time of their hacking software.

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