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Whenever I play a video with multiple audio tracks on vlc the first audio track is played. How do I enable both tracks so that I hear both tracks playing at the same time while playing the video?

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I doubt that is possible, try running two separate instances of vlc. – terdon Feb 23 '13 at 9:19

If you're running windows, the default player (windows media player) mix all tracks by default, at least on Win8. I don't like WMP and I'm still using VLC but WMP does the job when you need it.

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The following link will help you solve your problem but using WMM

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excuse me for the word but movie maker sucks, I could demux the video file though and combine the tracks. I just want to get it playing at the same time. thanks for the answer though – Aivan Monceller Feb 23 '13 at 10:59

One of the possible ways is to to run multiple instances of VLC. This page from VLC wiki details how this can be done; in a nutshell:

  • Windows: Tools > Preferences... > Interface > playlist and instances:
    • uncheck "Allow only one instance"
    • uncheck "use only one instance when started from file manager"
  • OS X:
    • paste the code below into a new AppleScript Editor script
    • save it as an application

on run
    do shell script "open -n /Applications/"
    tell application "VLC" to activate
end run

on open theFiles
    repeat with theFile in theFiles
        do shell script "open -na /Applications/ " & quote & (POSIX path of theFile) & quote
    end repeat
    tell application "VLC" to activate
end open
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