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I don't remember what happened, but I realized my asus laptop has no sound coming from the headphone jack when I'm on windows. I remember it working a month ago.

I have an Asus laptop with realtek audio hardware on windows-7(64). I get no sound from my headphone jack, and here are what I have done to try and fix it:

  • uninstalled the driver and let windows install one
  • installed the realtek HD-Audio-Codec on my own

It works fine on linux. But on windows;

  • if the drivers are installed, then I get no sound with the headphones plugged in
  • if the drivers are not installed, I have 2 speakers to choose from in the sound menu. Sound comes from one (laptop speakers) and sound doesn't come from the other (plugged-in headphones).

As a side-note,the mic is detected just fine when plugged in.

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Okay, how this works is beyond me

I went to the ASUS website and downloaded the audio driver for my computer. This didn't change anything, except make my laptop speakers sound better.

Now, when I reboot into windows from linux, the jack doesn't work. But when I turn the computer off and on, and boot into windows, the jack works.

There it is. A complete mystery. At least I know how to make it work, now.

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Holy meow!! that's completely magical and works for me. Super weird. Do you know how to fix this permanently already? – Phelios Apr 5 '14 at 12:41
@Phelios No mate, I havent looked into it since then. I just turn it off and on – aec Apr 6 '14 at 18:56

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