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I have 64-bit Windows 7 Pro installed on a OCZ Vertex 3 SSD. The machine automatically wakes straight up from sleep, whether it happens when after the timeout set in power settings for sleep, or when I manually tell the machine to sleep.

I have tried using the following command to see what device is waking up my computer:

powercfg /lastwake

but I always get:

Wake History Count - 0

I believe it might be related to the SSD, I have tried using the same hardware on a HDD, and have no problems with sleep. I have tried both a Vertex 2 and Vertex 3, and neither would go to sleep, with exactly the same behaviour from powercfg

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I am have a totally forgetful moment and will update this when I remember what it's called but SSDs don't have a particular section designated for "going to sleep". This prevents them from using that function. The big reason for this has the do with your RAM I believe and how it plays with the SSD.

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My pc has an SSD and goes to sleep without a problem. – ZippyV Feb 23 '13 at 19:57
Which SSD I have an Vertex – Griffin Feb 23 '13 at 19:59
I have an Intel SSD. – ZippyV Feb 23 '13 at 20:04
That's most likely why. – Griffin Feb 23 '13 at 20:09
My machine has slept before with the Vertex, when I had Windows 7 installed without any updates, I'm not sure that is the reason why – imsometa Feb 24 '13 at 10:56

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