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i have some folders:

~/dev/php/public and ~/dev/php/private~

in apache, how can i make go to ~/dev/php/public? and the same with private? they are on the same domain so i dont need to create a virtual host or anything..

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Depending on your setup there a re a few ways of doing it -

  1. Modify your Apache Document Root or
  2. Use mod_rewrite to rewrite the location or
  3. Create a symlink in your directory tree to your /home/username/dev/php
  4. Use mod_alias (alias)

I believe mod_alias is the most likely the best solution - so something like the following might do you:

Alias /php/public /home/USERNAME/dev/php/public
Alias /php/private /home/USERNAME/dev/php/private

In your apache config. (This assumes that the home directory of the owner is "/home/USERNAME")

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