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I found it on my new AMD APU (E2-1800) based notebook. What services it provides, any reason I should keep it ON? Since notebook have an APU I can't even tell is this service corresponds to integrated GPU or some other AMD chip.

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As it turned out, it's responsible for the additional Performance and Power options in CCC:

Here's that you get without it:

Without FUEL

and with it enabled:

enter image description here

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It has to do with Catalyst Control Centre. Here some info.

While we are not 100% of the role of this service, from the tests we have run this service seems to only be used by Windows if you have set up various graphics profiles within the AMD/ATI Catalyst software to cater for various graphics configurations (this feature will typically be used mainly by gamers or users working in the graphics industry such as movie or video editing, etc...). Our guess at the time of writing, 12-May-2012, is that at boot-up it sets up your graphics card for the profile you have chosen, and it helps in the switching to other profiles if you should choose to do that.

So keeping it on is up to you. There haven't been problems reported by disabling it.

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My experience stopping FUEL:

  • my 800Mhz (Radeon HD 4770 - overclocked) graphics card running at 500Mhz sharp. No more GPU control, no more "overdrive" working.

so I'd just leave it running ;)

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