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I have a table like this (the C column is blank):

     A          B           C

1  19:30      23:00       (3.50)

2  14:15      18:30       (4.25)

I need to calculate the time difference in each row between column A and column B (always B - A), and put it in column C as a decimal number (as shown inside the parentheses).

Which formula should I use? Is it possible to generate a general formula, so I won't have to change the row number every time (maybe INDIRECT)?

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If you use MOD that will also work when the times cross midnight, e.g. in C2


copy formula down column and the row numbers will change automaticaly for each row

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+1 - why have I never thought of that!!! – Peter Albert Feb 24 '13 at 21:46

This will do the job:


You might need to format the cell as number, not time!

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