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This might be a stupid question, however I can't get it working.

I know it has been ported. I've found both the sources and the binaries. I've downloaded all the files from here and tried cygwin setup from the download directory. I also extracted the sources and tried make and whatever and nothing worked.

Sorry, you do not seem to have PyQt4 installed.
Please install it before using git-cola.
e.g.:    sudo apt-get install python-qt4


python build
PyQt4 version 4.4 or newer required.  Found None
Makefile:32: recipe for target `all' failed

I do have the package "python-pyqt", version 4.9.6-1. I've tried reinstalling it, etc., and googling didn't help either.

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python-pyqt4 has a large dependency tree, and if you installed these packages manually, you are probably missing one or more (sub)dependencies.

Please follow the Cygwin Ports installation directions, selecting the git-cola package for installation, and being sure to allow setup.exe to install all dependencies when asked.

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Or install the Windows version (with its dependencies on pythonw and pyqt), it is simpler and doesn't look totally crap.

(Get the latest 2.x x86_64 version of Python, and corresponding PyQt version - for me this was 'PyQt4-4.10.3-gpl-Py2.7-Qt4.8.5-x64.exe')

You can invoke it from cygwin quite easily, here's a script that I put in my ~/bin folder as 'git-cola' (it thus resides in front of PATH):


GITCOLA=`which --skip-tilde git-cola`
GITCOLA_WIN=`cygpath -w "$GITCOLA"`

/cygdrive/c/Python27/python.exe "$GITCOLA_WIN" $@
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