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Is it possible to recover a file I deleted from my S3 bucket?

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According to the Amazon S3 Documentation:

Once deleted, there is no method to restore or undelete an object.

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It's unfortunate S3 doesn't support snapshots. – churnd Mar 24 '10 at 11:40

If you have versioning enable, yes you can! On a versioned bucket, a delete action on a file does not really delete it but it adds a version with a "Delete Marker". You can delete the delete marker with the AWS CLI:

aws s3api delete-object --bucket yourbucket-name --key "yourfile" --version-id id_of_the_delete_marker

You can get all the files in the bucket with

aws --output text s3api list-object-versions --bucket yourbucket-name > files.txt

If you want to undelete all the files in the bucket you can try:

echo '#!/bin/bash' > && aws --output text s3api list-object-versions --bucket yourbucket-name | grep -E "^DELETEMARKERS" | awk '{FS = "[\t]+"; print "aws s3api delete-object --bucket yourbucket-name --key \42"$3"\42 --version-id "$5";"}' >> && .; rm -f;
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I appreciate this answer! Worked flawlessly. – nojak Jan 4 at 22:11
this saved my evening. thank you! – Von Landfried Feb 18 at 4:19
dude! your undelete all files script just saved my life. thank you. – herostwist Mar 16 at 11:39

Just updating this question as I was looking for the answer:

You can add VERSIONING to S3 buckets now. This will cause S3 to keep versions of an object even after deletion. Full documentation:

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Is it possible to retrieve a deleted file over AWS Console? Can't find a way to do that. – Rafael Oliveira Jan 30 '14 at 22:25

can someone please help me understand why when i delete the 'delete marker' the object does not return immediately to the bucket ( i need to Reenter to S3 service then to the bucket and then to delete it again) just with this action it's working?!

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This does not answerthe author's question. – Ramhound Jul 21 at 21:58

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