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I've a big problem: I've to export MS Outlook 2010 tasks and import them into Thunderbird.

I tried with the simple solution: export a CSV file with tasks but Thunderbird doesn't import anything. I tried a lot of softwares, like FreeMiCal, PIMescape, outlook2icalv but none of this softwares solve my problem. None of them can create a file that Thunderbird can import. I tried to convert the CSV file into a ICS file but even this solution didn't work.

I have no problem with calendars.

Any suggestion? Thanks

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Why don't you sync both of them with a provider of your choice in the cloud? Google Calendar would be my choice. You may be able to use

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I need to migrate from outlook to thunderbird. The owner of the PC is my boss, he hasn't google or outlook account. Maybe I can create a new google/outlook account and use that method but is preferable do something like I did for the calendar. – Max Markson Feb 25 '13 at 11:07

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