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My Western digital nas seems to have gone up in smoke so I was thinking of having a go with freenas and a laptop have have lying around.

Just got a couple of question first. The laptop only have 300gb hard drive so can I connect up and external HDD via to increase the storage of freenas. I have a couple of 500 GB external drives that i would like to use.

Also I have a back up of all the data which was on the western digital nas before it failed. How do I go about coping this data on the laptop/freenas? Is this a simple process? As the is the only back up I have and it has all music on I really dont want to mess it up and end up somehow losing it.

Thanks in advance

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Using a laptop doesn't seem terribly reliable. Connecting external drives is just as you'd expect. Restoring from backup would depend on how you connect to the FreeNAS machine. I would recommend setting up SMB/CIFS/Samba, then mapping a network drive on your "normal" computer. Restoring from backup shouldn't hurt the original backup, just don't do anything dumb.

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