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I have successfully booted an existing Ubuntu 12.04 physical partition installation under a Windows 7 host, as explained here. I use a grub rescue disk .iso to manually boot the kernel, get to the Ubuntu login screen and desktop after that.

Thing is I want to either:

  • automate the kernel loading commands from the grub rescue disk;


  • use a second instance (?) of grub for this virtual machine... order to setup automatic boot in both Virtualbox AND Physical boot while maintaining the Windows 7 menu entries on the Physical boot.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but I say a second instance of grub since after I run update-grub on the VBox VM (which actually runs a physical partition, but only has visibility to that same partition), I lose the Windows 7 menu entries since it cannot see the whole disk while updating the grub configuration (I can recover my Windows 7 boot entry by booting Ubuntu as host and re-running update-grub with "full" disk visibility). I would expect it to be possible to create a virtual partition on my VBox .vmdk file to install a second grub there, and still keep the "pointer" to the physical partition from Ubuntu visible on the same .vmdk (might be impossible though, but I couldn't say).

Feel free to include any Inception jokes on your answears, I can relate.

P.S.: Thinking further on this issue has led me to a theory on installing grub for Windows on my Win7 partition, giving it boot priority, and having 2 grub menu prompts when physically booting: The first one (installed in Win7 partition) would allow me to pick between Win7 and the second Grub partition (the one that will auto-boot VBox without the rescue disk). Has anyone accomplished this? I'm unfamiliar with grub4dos or wingrub so I digress.

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