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Which Virtualization Software has been optimised for AMD Phenom II X4 945 Processor? AMD Phenom II processors support Virtualization Technology.

I have tried Oracle VM VirtualBox and installed Ubuntu. It was really slow and choppy.

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What amount of RAM did you give that virtual machine, and did you use a fixed single file virtual disk, and reserve the space all at once? This will give the best performance, I recommend 1.5GB+ minimum for the RAM, depending on the purpose. – BigHomie Feb 25 '13 at 21:27
In addition to @MDMoore313's question. What GUI did you run? The current default GUI for Ubuntu requires masses of 3D processing power for smooth running - every bit as much as Windows. What Graphics processor do you have? Are you using the VirtualBox tools in the guest OS? – Julian Knight Feb 25 '13 at 21:45
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I use VirtualBox to run (k)ubuntu and WinXP/Win7 virtual guests almost everyday, even on my old HP laptop (4GB RAM), and it actually works quite smooth using the processor’s HW virtualization. I usually recommend VirtualBox and myself use the following setup:

  • around 20GB (virtual, self-increasing) file system per machine
  • 1 GB of RAM per virtual machine
  • 64-128 KB graphics memory per VM
  • hardware virtualization ON
  • Guest Additions installed in the guest (important)
  • for (k)ubuntu also 3D graphics acceleration set to ON (NOT "2D"!)

This gives me a quite acceptable performance, even when running VirtualBox and the VMs from an attached 500 GB USB2.0 harddisk on a 4 GB RAM laptop. With TWO VMs running simultaneously under Win7 …

Good luck!

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