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I have Verizon FIOS and have noticed that in the past month YouTube has been buffering videos so slowly that it's at the point where I have to let the video load for 15 minutes before watching half of it. I think Verizon might be throttling YouTube for me for two reasons. One, Vimeo and Netflix don't have any problems buffering and two, I've tested using my VPN (So Verizon can't tell I'm on YouTube and throttle it) and YouTube videos load faster through the VPN!

If this is possible, how would I go about bringing this up with Verizon?

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Yes, ISPs can throttle, and the best way to bring it up with Verizon would be to open a support ticket containing your findings. Either they are throttling or it is a technical fault, you'll need a ticket to establish which. –  Paul Feb 26 '13 at 4:03
Good luck with getting anywhere. I'm pretty sure my ISP is messing with voice chat in a game, mistaking it for p2p traffic. I brought it up with their support and they categorically deny they are doing any traffic shaping and so it's not possible they are messing with the game. I perfectly well know they are doing traffic shaping though. –  Loren Pechtel Feb 26 '13 at 4:20

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While I don't have any first hand knowledge of Verizon (I live in a different country), I have worked in the ISP industry, and it is technically very doable for an ISP to rate limit / throttle an individual site - or in the case of Youtube an individual AS or range of IP's).

Theoretically it would be a matter of gathering the evidence of your performance directly and through your VPN and providing it to them.

A couple of things to be careful of - it is conceivable that they are not throttling you, rather the link between them and the Youtube IP's they are reaching are not working properly. Also if you use another provider you will be taking another route, and possibly going to a different set of Youtube IP's.

You will probably want to provide traceroutes of both the fast and slow route.

Of-course, this is all theoretical. I wonder if Verizon will actually do anything. (The forums I read suggest you are better off shifting to another, smaller ISP if you want reasonable service - if you have the option)

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