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How do I install linux/bsd on compact flash with usb compact flash adapter. The compact flash will boot on single board x86 computer as an IDE drive, but I'm doing the install on a regular computer using a usb to compact flash adaptor, thus the compact flash shows up as a USB device instead of as a IDE device, so I can't get lilo to pick it up as hda because it is recognized as usb so I can't get lilo to read the lilo.conf. I would pretty much know what to do if I had a pcmcia adaptor to plug the compact flash into another computer and get recognized as a regular hardrive. Also take in mind the install needs to be under 512mb.

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There are other StackExchange sites about Linux or computer software where this question may fit, but it does not fit on StackOverflow, because it isn't about programming. – John Zwinck Feb 26 '13 at 13:17

Have you tried PlOP boot manager? It's a CD that forces computers to boot from a USB stick. It doesn't ALWAYS work but it's good. More info at I'd recommend Puppy Linux for a solid, small, and simple Linux distro -- i'm not well acquainted with BSD.

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Read this meta post, you must. – KronoS Apr 29 '13 at 21:16

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