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From within Access, if you click on the Create tab and then click on the Form button, it creates a basic form with all the fields from your table/query. In the top left hand corner, an image always appears in the Form Header section.

enter image description here

Are these images stored some where locally, that I could insert additional images? These images appear to be default, as they are loaded after the wizard is finished.

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To insert a different image choose Design -> Logo and pick up the image. Access resizes the image and inserts it in the header of the form. The image is an Auto_Logo object. I don't know where the default image is.

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Thanks, while I know how to insert an image, I'm mainly looking for where these default images are stored. – Muhnamana Feb 28 '13 at 13:50

You may want to follow the instructions here: and specifically create a default database.

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