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Recently, I've been experiencing an unusual issue. My mouse pointer automatically moves slowly towards the top-right corner of the screen. This is also happening with the external mouse. There's an embed pointer stick in the keyboard which also allows me control my mouse. In order for me to move my mouse accurately, I have to hold down the pointer stick thats on my keyboard.

Is there a way to disable the pointer stick because I think it's causing this behavior.

*PC* TOSIBIA Tecra M9 Windows 7 x64


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I have same issue with a Sony notebook, connect external mouse + disable touch-pad and pointer stick but check below steps:

1- check is there any driver update for touch-pad or pointer stick in Toshiba Support website?

2 - also check there for any BIOS update that can help this issue but be careful about updating bios.

3 - check touch-pad or pointer stick driver option under control panel for any option to auto disable them when you connect external mouse. my current Lenovo thinkpad has this option.

4 - if no disable those device under control panel. and test with external mouse.

if no i have good connection with Toshiba support team, I can ask them about your issue.

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Here you go: Tecra M9 XP: TOSHIBA TouchPAD OnOff Utility


It's for windows XP but I hope it will work on 7 to, I have get the link on Toshiba support page: http://web.toshiba-asia.com/support/downloads/index.jsp

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