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I am missing /tmp/mysql.sock. It has signature srwxrwxrwx. Is it possible to create this file by hand?

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Presumably you're missing the socket because mysqld either isn't running or isn't attempting to read from that socket. Creating it by hand isn't going to fix that. – Kevin Ballard Feb 26 '13 at 23:05

This is more of a MySQL question. The mysql.sock file should be created when you start mysql using mysql.server start. Restarting your server should create the file properly. If it doesn't then there's a chance that the server isn't set up to listen over a socket.

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A while ago a friend of mine told me of an issue with a missing socket file. He was using a custom configuration file /etc/my.conf that was somehow troubling mysql. When he removed the my.conf file and restarted the mysql server the socket file appeared again.

After a little search with this keywords I found a discussion on a blog post, where some people reported almost exactly the same problems, maybe you can get some more ideas there. Some people however had the file, but in a different location.

However, if mysql does not create the socket file at all, it will not help you creating it by hand.

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