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I use dovecot-lda on OpenBSD for local delivery into Maildir, and, by default, the inbox maildir is, effectively, located at ~/Maildir/{tmp,new,cur}, however, all the subfolders are within ~/Maildir itself, e.g. ~/Maildir/.Sent/{tmp,new,cur} etc.

I use mutt. When I do c ?, to change folders, and navigate into ~/Maildir/, it just shows the inbox, and doesn't seem to allow to see the folders under the inbox.

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It seems like it's possible to make this work by putting something like the following into ~/.muttrc:

set folder=~/Maildir
set mask=".*"

This seems to work great until you accidentally go one level above, from ~/Maildir/ into ~/, and then going through the list back into ~/Maildir/ seems to always bring you into the inbox, with the c ? list no longer letting you see any folders beneath ~/Maildir. But as long as you don't go .., this seems to work great.

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