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I have 2 WLAN accesspoints, one on each floor. They are both connected via LAN cable (not a wireless bridge). The overlap of the signal is 100%, but the signal strenght across floors is much weaker than the signal of the AP on the same floor. I want my laptop/cellphone/tablet to automatically chose the faster one wherever I am.

What is the best setup in terms of SSID and channel so that the faster one is chosen? Do devices normally only connect to the faster one if the slower one is completely unavailable?

Do I chose the same SSID? The same channel? Or else? I currently have 2 different SSID and channels so I can know which one I am connected to and to do it manually.

What is best practice here? Is it possible to get the faster speed without manually reconnecting? With two different SSIDs this does not seem to work. I have to switch manually every time I change floor.

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I use the same SSID and different channels. My devices usually switch to the best connection automatically.

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That is correct. Same SSID, same encryption parameters, different channels. –  David Schwartz Dec 1 '14 at 11:29

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