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Windows Sysinternals Process Explorer includes in its toolbar some minigraphs showing recent usage history for CPU, Memory, and so on:

Process Explorer toolbar minigraphs

These are nice. However, an inadvertent click on the 'thumb' of one of these will cause it to maximize within the toolbar, and hide all the others:


Is there an easy way to reset all the minigraphs to equal width? A hard way that works is to painstakingly manually drag all the thumbs where you want them, being sure not to simply click a thumb, which puts you back where you started.

I found this post from April 2012 on a Process Explorer Feature Requests forum, but I can't find anything more.

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  1. Exit Process Explorer completely (using File | Exit, or right-click a tray icon and choose Close Process Explorer)

  2. Using regedit, go to

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sysinternals\Process Explorer

    and delete the key ToolbarBands

  3. Restart Process Explorer.

Source: ProcessExplorer settings.

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