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I've got a plasma TV (Samsung E8000) that I'm using as a second monitor for my Windows 7 computer (also be interested in software for GNU/Linux).
Since plasma TVs have problems with burn-in, manufacturers advise against having static images on the screen for 20+ minutes.
While I mostly use the TV for playing TV or Movies in full screen, I would prefer to be able to put my browser on it(or other programs) as needed without worrying if I'll forget it and leave it up there for too long.
While the TV I have has features for preventing burn in, such as periodically shifting pixels up to roughly 10(? can't remember exactly), this wouldn't really help with a browser interface, and a webpage that has a solid background.

What I am looking for is a way of maybe flashing a specified monitor every (specified amount of time).

Is there software out there for Windows or GNU/Linux, or some setting in either, that could accomplish this?

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this was originally the reason "ScreenSavers" were invented. is there some reason that they are not sufficient for your needs? keep in mind, makeing a small change to the screen every x seconds or whatever will not help with burnin. you need to change the full screen to some other image regularly so that no point on the screen "gets used" to what its displaying. auto-powering down the monitor is also effective. – Frank Thomas Feb 27 '13 at 15:42
I'm looking for a way that it would only affect one monitor. I might be working on my primary monitor while a static image is up on my Plasma TV, which would prevent the screensaver from starting. – Padenton Feb 27 '13 at 15:46

There are some snow creating softwares that may fit your need. You can use DesktopSnowOK which is a light portable free software. But more importantly, it isn't a screensaver so even if you're working, web surfing or doing anything else, the screen is always protected by moving snows.

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You could use a full screen music visualizer and mute the program?

thats what I have been trying to do but for some reason on my system Rythembox freezes when I tell it to full screen the visualizer (im planning on using it to listen to music, and I like rythembox's interface and would rather not have another program open just to visualise... but i think thats what I will have to do

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