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I have an nVidia GeForce 9600GT*, which has (only) two DVI connectors. I have one connected to a 22" LCD panel and the other empty. I am running Ubuntu 12.04 successfully.

I have a second LCD panel, but it only has a VGA port. The motherboard has a VGA connector, but the nVidia does not.

Can/should I connect the second monitor to the VGA port? Will this result in a standard "dual monitor" configuration?

*Mine doesn't look nearly as fancy as this though. Mine is a normal PCI card with a large, red, finned heat-sink on it.

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Chances are good that inside of windows, such a configuration would work. However, in linux I cannot say. The best option either way is to use the 9600gt, and purchase a dvi>vga converter.

Not very pricey, and worth it for the end result you are looking for.

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Thanks -- it worked. Now I have to set the correct monitor resolution somehow (…) – SabreWolfy Feb 28 '13 at 18:25

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