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With Outlook, I can export my contacts to a file; and I typically like to export my contacts to an Excel file.

Unfortunately, if I've added contacts from my corporate network, Outlook will, by default, export these contacts' email addresses with an 'EX' EmailType.

My Question:

  • How can I force Outlook to export my contacts' email addresses as their SMTP equivalents?
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If the Outlook contact were synced to Outlook by another application like Lync or other Microsoft Exchange enabled application, the email addresses that get exported from Outlook will be in the EX format. You will have to copy the contacts to a unique contact card and then export again.

Test this using a single contact before copy all cards though to ensure there is no other blocker.

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I have had some joy with vCard export tool. I easily export outlook contacts to excel with demo environment. It gave me the option to save 5 items through the trial version.

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If you are affiliated with this product in any way you should declare it in your answer. – ChrisF Mar 6 '13 at 12:12
Will it resolve an Exchange type email address into an SMTP email address? – Jim G. Mar 6 '13 at 14:46

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