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I use an app called DeskPins to pin windows and make them topmost and it works great, even in Windows 7.

I was wondering if there are any ways or app to make a window loose the topmost flag? I use an old app that is now unsupported but it always opens topmost and I wish there was a way to have it open normally, even temporarily.

After searching for some time on Google I can't find much info or don't know how to properly search, so any help would be welcome.


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If for example the Task Manager window is set to be Always On Top, this AutoHotkey script will disable the setting and send the window to the bottom of the stack (i.e. beneath all other windows):

SetTitleMatchMode, 2
WinSet, AlwaysOnTop, Off, Task Manager
WinSet, Bottom, , Task Manager

Note: In this case the actual check-mark displayed in Task Manager's Options menu will not disappear since the menu item hasn't actually been clicked, but the Always On Top setting will be disabled successfully.

Obviously you'll need to replace "Task Manager" with your app window's WinTitle. You can have your AHK script launch the app as well using RunWait, and then disable the setting using the code above.

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