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I have a bash script that spins off three processes like this:

CD FOO_DIR && ./run-foo
CD BAR_DIR && ./run-bar
CD BAZ_DIR && ./run-baz

I want a tool that splits the parent shell into three sections (horizontally or vertically -- there's no difference) and shows the output of each child process in each section respectively.

Does such a tool exist?

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Not to my knowledge. Can you use screen(1) and run each in a different tab? Or in different tabs in a terminal? A sneaky way of doing it would be to run several shells inside emacs in windows split vertically... – vonbrand Mar 1 '13 at 2:33

As has been said, screen should suit your needs.

Create a screen configuration file that looks like this:

startupmessage off

screen -t top top                       # -t <title> <command>
screen -t netstat watch netstat -tanp 
screen -t date watch date 

select top # In the first screen show the screen titled 'top'

focus down # Focus down to next screen
select netstat # Show screen titled 'netstat'

focus down # Focus down to the next screen
select date # Show the screen titled date

Let's call this file screen_run. Then simply run screen. The -c option specifies the configuration file to use :

screen -c screen_run

If you want vertical splits, you should be able to use split -v in place of split.

See for more information.

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In addition to screen, you may want to check out tmux as well. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and you may prefer one's handling of splits over the other's.

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