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I recently bought a GpsMap from Garmin and use it to track my daily comute (bike) and (less frequent) hikes.

So far I have to bootcamp into XP do manage those tracks.

what would you use?

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Garmin Roadtrip for the Mac allows you to download tracks from you Garmin GPS (assuming it is USB). You can find it at

Once you get the tracks off of your GPS using Garmin Roadtrip, you can export KML files and open them in Google Earth for the Mac Another program you might find useful is Trail Runner. It has the ability to overlay tracks on topographical maps which I like for looking at hiking/running tracks.

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Glad BaseCamp works for you, if you're interested, GPSBabel is also a pretty nice open source multi-platform app that does all kinds of GPS track/route/waypoint translation with both GUI and CLI interfaces. I'm using it to add traces to OpenStreetmap by converting my Magelland tracks to GPX and I'm also creating a catalog of KML files.

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macauley prompted me to seach garmin's webiste, once again.

To my surprise I found that Garmin has releases "BaseCamp". I was able to extract to the mac, then export and visualize my cycling tracks from our vaccation (Elba, Italy) in Google Earth.

BaseCamp for Mac software version 2.0.1

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