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Is there any way to keep a specific window always visible even when the Show Desktop button is pressed?

I'm working with multiple monitors, on my 2nd monitor I have several apps that I want to always keep open to Monitor things, but on pressing Show desktop they do also minimize which I want to avoid.

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Unfortunately no one I know was able to produce sensible solution to your problem. Assuming you do not want to simply minimize apps just to view your desktop wallpaper, you can use this workaround:

  • right-click an empty area near the clock
  • left click Toolbars
  • left click Desktop

This will make custom toolbar / menu near the clock, so you won't be needing ShowDesktop just to launch some file that is there.


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There is a feature like that in Rainlendar. It doesn't work flawlessly on Windows 7, but works. The windows flicker so I assume they actually get minimized, but they stick to the desktop. I assume this can be done by simply restoring a window after it gets minimized.

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