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Have 2 instances of the exact problem mentioned here.

Previous (old) machines were Windows 2000's (latest updates), AMD Durons 1ghtz with 1gb RAM.

Updates (reinstalled) machines are Windows XP 32bit (latest updates), AMD Sempron 2800 (2gb RAM) and a Intel core 2 6300 (1.5gb RAM).

The Sempron has an Oki C7350 attached to LPT1.

The core 2 has a Toshiba TEC B-SV4 attached to LPT1.

Have 2 instances of this exact problem (print jobs were quick in Win2000 and now slow on XP machines).

Any suggestions?

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Microsoft's article 100 Percent CPU Usage Occurs When You Print on an LPT Printer Port says :


When you print on an LPT printer port, 100 percent CPU usage occurs until the print job is completed. This slows down other programs until the print job is completed. In some case, other programs may slow down enough that they seem completely unresponsive. This behavior affects all power users who have many programs running at one time.


This behavior occurs because Windows does not have interrupt support for LPT printers.


To work around this behavior, print to a Universal Serial Bus (USB) printer port. If the printer does not have this capability, use a parallel-USB cable.

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I don't have any slowdowns on the PC's in question, just a print job which takes an age to spool to the LPT port. 'Use a USB port' isn't really what I'd consider an accurate answer to 'why', even though it might fix the problem...! I'm afraid I can only try it with 1 of the printers. – HaydnWVN Mar 12 '13 at 16:46
I would suggest to try using usb with that one printer, before looking for another explanation. – harrymc Mar 12 '13 at 16:57

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