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I am trying to convert this image,, to a series of .png files.

This was pretty simple, I used the convert command in Linux,

convert  Dijkstra_Animation.gif dijkstra.png

The command went fine and produced the 27 frames, as reported at the bottom of original page.

However, I find that some of the produced .png files are only single numbers or arrows. Which is different from what I expected.

I want the .png files to be a simple sequence in the same way the .gif file is showing. Could you please suggest a method (in Linux please) to achieve this?


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Using the -coalesce option will do the wonder.

Like this,

convert -verbose -coalesce Dijkstra_Animation.gif dijkstra.png

Actually the -coalesce option "merges a sequence of images" as is claimed in the manual page.

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