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Is there an application which provides similar functionality to modern linux distros in where if you middle click on a window's titlebar it is sent to the back of the stack in windows?

It seems like a superfluous thing, but I find it to be a very useful feature.

I don't mind if it's part of some premium software (well, within reason)

OS: Windows 8

Thanks in advance!

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There's a program called eXtraButtons which can add additional buttons to window title bars, including one for "Send to back" functionality. It isn't a middle click, but perhaps it suits your needs? Quote:

When you press the button [image] in the caption on the window, you place window under others.

It also supports hotkeys for certain functions, so you could possibly use it in conjunction with another program that maps your middle mouse button to a key combination (unless you also use your middle button for something else.)

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