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I have a list of products in spreadsheet format.

The following is a simplified version of the spreadsheet:

1) ABC,Abc gizmo,12,Buy this Abc gizmo
2) ABCG,Abc gizmo Green,13,Buy this Abc gizmo
3) ABCR,Abc gizmo Red,14,Buy this Abc gizmo

Goal: Merge product 2 and 3 into a new column on product 1. Our website will then display products 2 and 3 as custom drop down menu options of product 1. Product 1 will be the base product, and its options would be: 'Green' and 'Red'

Here is a sample of the format I need to end up with, but I'm not entirely sure how to get there.

ABC,Abc gizmo,12,Buy this Abc gizmo,G $13:fixed:1:ABCG|R $14:fixed:1:ABCR

The breakdown of custom_column is as follows:

[name of custom value]:[fixed|percent]:[price of option]:[sku]

[name of custom value] = Text, Sku's suffix + full price of option

[fixed|percent] = Text, either "fixed" or "percent" this represents whether the 
option's price is fixed or a percent of the main product price. 

[price of option] = Number, [option's price]-[base product's price]
in example above line 2 price was 13, after subtraction it should be 1. 

[sku] = Text, the full sku found at the beginning of line 2 and 3.

The spreadsheet has many products (1000's) and many of them can be reformatted into custom options of a base product. The Sku would be the determiner.

By eyeballing the spreadsheet it seems that the Skus have the following pattern:

MN123456XYZ = [1-2 characters][followed by 6 digits][followed by 1-3 characters]

A few other things to consider:

  1. Some Skus may have multiple matches representing products with multiple options.
  2. Some Skus may have 0 matches.
  3. Some Skus with 0 matches may still have a suffix in the SKU.

The simplest way would be best, I'm not an excellent excel user (pun).


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Screenshot would help better, and this is Stackoverflow question. – Mowgli Feb 28 '13 at 16:11
Actually @Mowgli we deal with Excel spreadsheet questions here on SuperUser – Brad Patton Feb 28 '13 at 16:18
@BradPatton I thought he would be lot more help on Stackoverflow compare to here. – Mowgli Feb 28 '13 at 16:31