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I'm a noob here. I would like to know whether I will have any issues if I change ownership of /var/www to www-data, and what is the significance of www-data?

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/var/www traditionally holds the necessary files to serve a website using a HTTP server such as Apache. Apache is executed by the user www-data, so interactive elements of the website (e.g., PHP scripts) have write access to pretty much everything owned by www-data.

Owning /var/www by www-data is undesirable by the principle of least privilege. There's usually no need for a PHP script able to modify itself or other parts of the website.

If, for some reason, www-data needs to be able to modify or create some files, you can grant write permissions to those specific files (for modification) or write and execution permissions to a folder (for file creation) by owning them.

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