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Does anyone know of a good text editor for Mac OS X which will organize HTML tags?


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What do you mean by "organise"? Indent? – Tamás Szelei Oct 15 '09 at 19:10
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Check out the following:

You should find something you like there.

TextMate is the best overall, in my opinion. Best text editor, with syntax highlighting and code management. Quick and intuitive shortcuts. Another to look at is Espresso ( – Josh K Oct 15 '09 at 22:18

I use TextMate Best editor I've used on any platform. It has all of the basic features (like syntax highlighting and indentation management), but its true strength lies in its extensibility – virtually every aspect of the program can be scripted and those scripts given first-class status. It's like emacs for the modern programmer.

Another option I recommend is TextWrangler, which is inferior but free (as in beer).


emacs has an HTML mode (several actually)

not sure if that's what you're looking for...


If you want to pay some money, Textmate is -awesome-.

Macromates writes and distributes it, and if you ever move beyond HTML, it's great for almost any language.

HTML specific functions include help with closing tags, in-program validation via WC3 servers, code folding, and more. It's really excellent.


Definately Textmate if you can afford it it. If you want free, Textwrangler is the way to go.


Just to let you know, you can also get Bluefish for OSX.


Besides the ones that other recommended, I like Taco HTML Edit ($25). I still have the version that were free and love it. If you are comfortable with vi/vim, then look for MacVim--the GUI version of vim.


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