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I am using a Safaricom USB modem for connecting to the internet since few days only I am not acquainted with USB modems so I am not using the modem in the best way. When I connect my modem I get a network available symbol in windows and I connect to that network. I never used my modem's default software to connect to the Internet. I find a problem that when I try to safely remove the USB modem nothing happens. I click on safely Eject and nothing happens no error message no confirmation message nothing comes up. Last option is to just unplug the device directly. In this case what options do I have to eject the disk. I tried to eject in My Computer but or no use. I can eject the same device in a win xp system.

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You don't actually need to eject the modem. Of course if its not ejecting that would be a driver problem. –  Ramhound Mar 1 '13 at 12:30

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Safely remove hardware is useful only on USB drives (or similar); when if you unplug it while writing on it, you could damage data on the drive himself.

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