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I am looking for software that will allow me to manage the file system on my Samsung Galaxy S3 over Bluetooth. By "manage the file system" I specifically mean to connect to the phone from my computer (Win 7 or an Ubuntu 12.04 VM inside VirtualBox) and graphically select a bunch of files on device and move (or copy) them to someplace else on the device, or on my computer. It would be nice if this was like Windows Explorer or Nautilus, and the Bluetooth device was like any other mounted partition from the perspective of the tool used to manipulate the file system.

So far, I tried running the Bluetooth File Transfer application by Medieval Software on my phone, and their desktop application under Windows 7. Their desktop application says "OBEX not supported" which looks like a data exchange format Medieval is trying to use. I also Google'd a bunch of stuff (quite descriptive) and didn't find anything useful.

Likely, I should mess around with the "VirtualBox Extension Pack" and try this from within Ubuntu. I wasn't able to get my VM to recognize Bluetooth at all, and that looks like the way to do it. I run Ubuntu inside a VM and will try getting Linux to recognize my Bluetooth device.

Does this kind of support even exist within whatever concept of a filesystem Bluetooth has? Everything I've ever seen for Bluetooth has been push/pull, without any regard to where the thing that is being pushed or pulled actually goes to.

Thanks, I'm still sort of new to having a smart phone, and this seemed like an OK venue to ask this software (user) related question.

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How is this off topic? I want a specific answer to a question related to computer software AND personal and home computer networking. This seems 100% like the type of question the FAQ says to ask...? Plus, some random dude gave me a +1... –  Brian Stinar Mar 2 '13 at 6:31
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