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(After about 15 minutes of searching S.U. I haven't found any relevant questions, so excuse me if I got the wrong search terms, and this is a dupe.)

I'm running Windows 7 at work, and have a couple network drives mapped through a VPN. (This is using the basic VPN connection tool built into Windows 7. i.e. Where your VPN shows up with the list of wireless networks by the system tray.) Once I get into Windows, everything works well. I just connect to the VPN, then I can click on the network drive in Explorer and get prompted to reconnect the network drive. This succeeds, and I go about my business. However, the problem is that, since the VPN is not connected at startup, Windows spends a minute or two timing out, failing to connect to the network drives. I can't get the VPNs to connect at startup, because the only answers I've found on that subject refer to shortcuts which do not exist in Windows 7.


Is there a way to stop Windows from auto-connecting the network drives on startup? Alternately, can I change the timeout/retry time for when a network drive fails to connect?

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You can drive running "net use * /delete /y". Put that in a batch script that runs at logon. You can do this with either Group Policy or Task Scheduler, or by placing it in your startup folder – InterLinked Apr 28 at 15:39

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