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I'm running a wget command with a rather deep recursion depth. The deep recursion depth is needed to get the files I want, but I don't want to wait for the operation to complete. I see that I can terminate wget through a number of channels (Ctrl+C, kill, etc.). The problem is that if I use one of these "forceful" ways to terminate wget, the effects of -k (convert links) are unnoticed.

How can I terminate wget while forcing (allowing, encouraging, permitting) it to convert links?

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Well, after looking up I did not find an specific solution. However, a workaround can work if you are downloading multiple files.

One way to stop your download in the middle and still converting links is to use the -Q option. So you can set a quota and as soon as it reaches the size it will finish the last file, and starting converting. But, you have to download multiple files to Quota works.


wget -k -r -Q150K

So, the -r option download the page recursively (to get multiple files) until get 150KB, then it starts linking whatever was downloaded.

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It looks like this is as close as I will get, thanks! – Limited Atonement Mar 6 '13 at 12:43

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