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This is super basic, so sorry for that:

If I insert this formula (f.ex.)


it shows the current cell address/position - f.ex. $E$5

However, if I insert the same forumula in the row below, the result in both cells change. So, it doesn't show the correct value if I use it more than once. How do I solve this super-basic excel "thing"?

If I f.ex. insert the formula in cells E5 and E6, both cells will show $E$6, instead of $E$5 and $E$6.


I got an answer below, saying that this formula should be used instead:


However, this just results in Excel complaining about the forumla having an error...?


Replace "," with ";", and it works.

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The Cell formula is not the correct formula to get the adress of your cell unless you specify the cells reference as the second argument of the function - But since that is what you want in the first place, the easier way to do it (although there are MANY other ways to do it too), would be:


Hope this helps!

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That gives an error. – user2119841 Feb 28 '13 at 18:34
It works when using semi colon instead of comma. – user2119841 Mar 1 '13 at 9:49
The semicolon vs comma issue is due to your Regional Settings and selected list separator character (check Control Panel). The answer given is fine. – Karan Apr 17 '13 at 13:03

Try =Cell("address",E5) then copy it to other cells: if you don't give a reference Cell gives information about the currently selected cell.

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If the range parameter is omitted, the CELL function will assume that you are retrieving information for the last cell that was changed.

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