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If i have many paragraphs and i want to (Format paint) just the alignment and the indentation of the first paraghragh to the others without other styles like the font and colors how to do that ?

for Example :

enter image description here

i want the alignment and the indentation of all paragraphs like the first one ?

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I don't think this is exactly what you're looking for, but it's better than Format Painter as far as preserving italics and some other formatting items. Note that I've only tested this with Word 2010.

What you want to do is create a new Style.

So in your example, you would highlight the reference for Miller in its entirety, then select the dropdown icon in Styles on the Home tab. From there you'll select "Save selection as New Quick Style..." which brings up a window to name your new style. Select "Modify..." to confirm that the settings are what you want, and select OK to create the Style.

Then just highlight the items you want to change, and select your new Style from the Styles menu.

As an aside, it appears you're doing technical or thesis writing, and LaTex can make your life a lot easier for that kind of work.

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Format painter is used to copy full formatting from one range of text to another, I doubt there is any way to copy only certain attributes. Why can't you check these values of the first paragraph and manually set them on the other paragraphs?

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