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I have Slax 7 and Windows XP running on the same (ntfs) partition - woohoo! I still have a few issues, holes in my understanding:

  1. Slax apparently saves all "changes" to a single file C:\slax\changes\changes.dat. I don't want this, want normal persistence so that (e.g.) the Linux file system (/usr, /etc etc) is be visible in Windows. How can I switch off this single-file persistence and have the Linux root map to my C:\slax\root? Setting changes=/slax/save has no effect.

  2. When I make changes to /etc/fstaband reboot to Linux the changes are gone. How can I automount /dev/sda1 each time Slax starts?

  3. In general, where are all the parameters (max_loop, init, from...) specified after kernel documented? Are they distro specific?

  4. I can see and browse my HDD in Dolphin but it's not showing up in mount. How is that achieved and where would I find it in the console (cd ?)

  5. What (physically) is the aufs entry mounted at / referring to?

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little question, how did you install slax on a ntfs disk with windows xp? – Sirber May 12 '15 at 13:48

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