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I just read How to edit the list of files to download in a .torrent file? and it show's how you can edit a torrent file but it would not work anymore.

So my question, is once the all file's are finished downloading, is there a way to delete the junk files automatically?

Secondary question, is it possible to not have incomplete download's in my completed download's folder?

I always have tons of files with extension of !QB, in my completed download's folder, when they shouldn't be there. Since that interefere's with my automation to move completed downloads.

Is there a setting I need to do?

Thank you for your time.

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My first goal is to automatically delete junk files, rather than having to manually select which files to download. – crosenblum Mar 3 '13 at 22:01

On the "Content" tab of your torrent you can set files to "do not download" priority.

In options you can configure it to keep complete and incomplete file in different dirs and enable/disable addition of .!qb extension to incomplete files.

It looks like this enter image description here

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I have two seperate folders specified in settings, but it seems to ignore that. Some of the settings aren't very clear. – crosenblum Mar 3 '13 at 22:00
This seems to be a known and longstanding bug. Those setting randomly work sometimes, like every other time (not for some people and not for others). – Jonathon Wisnoski Apr 1 '15 at 1:02

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