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Using WAMPSERVER for windows 7, smartgit and Safe Search Replace I have done the following steps:

  • Pulled a wordpress code from a github repository using smartgit
  • Downloaded the database from the server's phpmyadmin
  • Imported it to my localhost's phpmyadmin using WAMP.
  • Replaced the strings from to

The home page of the website works on the localhost but when I click on one of the menu links I get the WAMP homepage instead of the actual page.

On the wordpress dashboard, I have checked and the URL on pages has been changed to which is a good sign.I have also checked in the database the actual name of the the page and even the page did showed a WAMP home page.

I have tried renaming index.php to index.php.old and replacing it with the index.php from the root folder of a fresh download of WordPress but it did not help.

I have tried the following in WP-Config to use the localhost URL instead of the one saved to the database but it didn't work:


What have I done wrong and what can I check to solve the issue?

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Go to settings/permalinks in the wordpress dashboard and update permalinks by clicking twice on save changes. That's all.

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