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I am trying to install a split database (starting with a file copy) using an upgrade to HSQL 2.2.8. I got HSQL 2.2.8, and have followed the instructions from another post on this site ( How to set up the jdbc driver to connect to hsqldb from libreoffice? ) to get the Class Path working fine when I pointed it to the correct location for my HSQL 2.2.8 and restarted LibreOffice. In Edit > Database > Properties I used Test Class and it successfully connected to the JDBC driver. That part worked fine. But then when I test the connection it keeps saying that the file is not found. I checked the file path again and again, tried moving it to different locations but its not working. I first had tried it with the mydb.file.odb that I found on a LibreOffice/OpenOffice forum (sorry can't recall which) and that connection would not work. So I copied the Data Class URL from the other post mentioned above changing the file path as needed and it is still not finding it.

The error message I get is: SQL Status: S1000 Error code: -451

Database lock acquisition failure: lockFile: org.hsqldb.persist.LockFile@d016958c[file =/Home/Databases/ManualDB/ManualDB.lck, exists=false, locked=false, valid=false, ] method: openRAF reason: /Home/Databases/ManualDB/ManualDB.lck (No such file or directory)

I am running LibreOffice 4.0 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Any suggestions?

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I had no luck using the fully-qualified name of the Java class, org.hsqldb.jdbc.JDBCDriver.

Point 1... Try using this : org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver , (Very Case sensitive), for your class. This always connects in Base and other sql clients.

Also the mydb.odb has been updated. The forum was probably, You can get updated odb here.

Check what you are doing against their tutorial.

You need to have a folder to contain the database files called database. Your "*.odb" file lives outside that folder. You should have another folder called driver in which you put the hsqldb.jar. This is the driver path to point to.

I am also struggling with this split database/odb/Base problem as I want the portabilty that LibreOffice and split odb's offer.

Point 2... Last point: Get a current hsqldb driver 2.3.0 upwards. They say not to use 2.2.9 as there is a bug. The 2.3.0 addresses an issue with Base not doing autovalue in split odb's. So get this driver.

This should remove your obstacles.

I have tested/am using LibOffice 4 on opensuse 12.3

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