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I have a USB stick which I made into a bootable USB stick for Ubuntu. I installed Ubuntu, and then I formatted the USB stick. However, it only has 2MB of space on it, however it is an 8GB USB.

I found the reason for this problem in diskmgmt.msc, the Windows Drive Partition tool. It had a 2MB Partition and two other partitions which were 6.52GB and 758MB. They are both unallocated however when I right click on the 2MB Partition the extend volume is blanked out and I cannot click on it.

If I right click on the other 2 Partitions, the only options available are New Spanned Volume, New Striped Volume and New Mirrored Volume.

Is there any way to piece these 3 Partitions back together? Is there any software to solve this problem?

If you need any additional information, if I have phrased something wrongly or if you need any other information relating to this question, please leave a comment.

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It's often difficult to manipulate partitions through The Windows Drive Manager because of the way the Operating System tracks and uses the partition logs during run-time operations. [Think file deletion while file in use] exception.

You can use free partition utilities such as Mini Tool Partition Wizard or you can correct the issues manually via the Windows built in DISKPART command line utility by following a support tutorial .

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