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When you open an old Adobe Premier project and some of the videos have moved around on your hard drive you will get a dialog box open and for each file you will get a popup asking you find the file that has since moved.

Take this folder struture:

     ¬ Jamie.avi
     ¬ Jamie2.avi
     ¬ Jamie3.avi
     ¬ Jamie4.avi

The popup will ask for Jamie.avi and i will go and find it, it will then see Jamie,2,3,4 and auto link these files.

I to save time clicked offline all now this popup will no longer open up, more over i now have to manually link each file.

How can i get this dialoge up again?

I thought about editing the .project file in note++ but can't find a link to relate to this thing I am after.

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As i have spent 3 days trying to sort this out, but some how, after asking this question i have found the answer I think its only right i answer my own question... bad times

The answer:

If you selected more than one offline clip, the Link Media To dialog box appears in turn for each clip you selected. The title bar of the dialog box gives the filename for each offline clip. Relink the correct source file to each offline clip. If all of the offline clips selected point to media in the same folder, the Link MediaTo dialog asks for the first file, then links the selected offline clips to all the files in the same folder as the file selected.

Taken from: Adobe Help

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